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On the personal side, she is happily married to Daniel John Gregory and has three children with him.Creating a perfect balance of her professional and personal life with complete fulfillment of all responsibilities, she stands as a true woman of substance and an exciting mix of beauty with brains.They included Obama’s Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowksi, Domestic Policy Council Advisor Melody Barnes, National Security Adviser Jim Jones, TARP Adminisrator Kenneth Feinberg and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. National Transportation Safety Board Chair Deborah Hersman, a non-partisan Obama holdover from the Bush administration, kept things even more in check.On the Congressional side, the Republican load factor (Donald Rumsfeld, Fred Thompson, Rep. Standing in the center of it all was the legendary Ailes, who appeared to be more than pleased that the D’s and the R’s could put down their swords for a few hours as the health care debate raged on the Hill, to enjoy the canapes and cocktails served up by the convention center caterers.“It’s really wonderful to see so many old friends,” Ailes said.

However, after a one-year hiatus, Hemmer returned to WCPO to become a local reporter.

America's Newsroom is an American news/talk program on FOX News Channel, first airing on February 12, 2007.

Derived from one of the network's slogans, the show features general news coverage, which is divided between two general categories, either originating from the National Desk or World Desk.

Bill Hemmer is an Emmy Award winning news anchor with the news cable network Fox News Channel (FNC) and is the co-host of "America's Newsroom." Previously, Hemmer was an anchor and correspondent at CNN, where he co-anchored "American Morning" and anchored "CNN Live Today" and "CNN Tonight".

Hemmer was one of the moderators, along with Martha Mac Callum, of the Republican presidential candidate forum on August 6, 2015, in Cleveland.

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