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In the new series’ first two films, audiences were asked to root on this inevitability, which was difficult.

But in the new film, “War for the Planet of the Apes” — the best of the series, by far — the series’ viewpoint comes into focus, and it’s a lot more intricate and enlightened than some unthinking death wish.

The “X-Men” movies and even to an extent the recent deluge of superhero pictures all deal, to some degree, with the coming obsolescence or helplessness of normal human beings, the implicit idea being that all just should accept this fact and walk in neat, undisturbed lines into the abyss.

But the post detailed how Armisen is conducting a texting relationship with said poster despite being Lyonne’s boyfriend. Cast Member Ever, From Worst to Best @nerve" data-url=" " data-counturl=" class="twitter-share-button", in ascending order of their contribution to the show. But while no one will be completely happy with the results, let’s at least stress one of the ground rules: for the purpose of this experiment, these performers are being graded solely on the work they did on 91.JIM BELUSHI (1983-1985): It seems unlikely that the people who hired Jim Belushi believed they were bringing his brother John back on board, especially since John Belushi had been dead for a year at that point.But the alternative explanation is that they knew who Jim Belushi was and still wanted him, and how likely is that? GARY KROEGER (1982-1985): Kroeger was so boring that he was cast as Walter Mondale during the 1984 presidential campaign.His most memorable bit featured him begging viewers to elect Mondale so that he’d still have something to do on the show after November.

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Love it or simply like it, “War for the Planet of the Apes” is a conscientious and mostly successful attempt to take science fiction in a thoughtful and intelligent direction.

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