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Users also rave about our Remote Pleasure Control feature, which lets anyone take over your device.

Your own personalized online portal provides wide open access to all of Flexi FLESH’s innovative features, including Climax Tracker, Climax Report, sex toy setting preferences, session times and location updates via Flexi FLESH’s GPS Probe.

Zhou is a frequent diner of the restaurant.”Miss Hao says she got the feeling the woman had already been drinking before arriving, and after arriving, the woman ordered four skewers of meat, and after asking for four bottles of beer, she began drinking.

RELEASE: CIA '#Archimedes' system for exfiltration and browser hijacking. https://t.co/XWr33GMGDN pic.twitter.com/TEyh ABJvb O — Wiki Leaks (@wikileaks) May 5, 2017 The Archimedes tool enables traffic from one computer inside the LAN to be redirected through a computer infected with this malware and controlled by the CIA, according to Wiki Leaks.

Flexi FLESH is a mobile app through which users can actually hack into the vulnerability of any compatible Bluetooth sex toy, including its speed, power and settings, even when it’s in use - bringing new meaning to the term Coitus Interruptus.

And by overriding any manual controls, Flexi FLESH allows consenting couples and strangers to get virtually closer than ever before.

This data included the date and time of each use, details of vibration settings, temperature and battery life - all of which was linked to users’ personal email addresses within the company servers in Canada.

This was despite promising a “secure connection between...

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