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Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst have been friends for a long time.

Lewis' old band Rilo Kiley and Oberst, with Bright Eyes, were fixtures in the scene surrounding Saddle Creek Records.

A reporter for Sassy once asked some alternative rockers if they would go out with her, explaining, "It's my theory that boys start bands so they can get famous enough to attract Winona Ryder." Courtney Love once said, "You're no one in music until you have feuded with me or until you sleep with Winona." In short, Winona had her share of fun. Quote: “We went out for two weeks and he broke my heart, or I thought he did at the time.” (Slater maintains he has no idea what she's talking about)Trivia: Slater continues to think highly of Winona, telling a journalist a couple of years ago he doesn't understand the "she's crazy" party line and that he still loved her. I like Natalie Portman."Trivia: Oberst maintains they were just friends. Jamiroquai/Jay Kay (45)Period: 2003Backstory: The musician from that video that tripped everyone out in the 90s had a fling with Winona and no one would've known about it had he not brought it up years later in a gross, dickhead way.

For this one, I decided to focus on select and notable flames, trying to avoid hearsay. As always, ALL OF THIS IS FROM ARTICLES, SOURCES AND BOOKS. Johnny Depp (52)Period: 1989-93Backstory: The two met at the premiere of Great Balls of Fire! He proposed in 1990 and were engaged for three years before breaking up, allegedly because her father thought she was too young to be wed. Quote: "That was quite a while ago [...] She was very nice and trim down there. She did have this habit of wanting to constantly play hide the sausage.

Many of the songs deal with settling down and finding solace after emotional turmoil."I'm gonna work for my sanity, give it everything I got," he sings on "Time Forgot," which features gorgeous harmonies from Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit, who sing throughout the LP."I don't relate to a lot of my earlier songs," Oberst says. That might be cathartic when you're doing it, but it doesn't necessarily hold up." Around the time Bright Eyes were touring for 2011's , Oberst spent six months writing a screenplay starring the Monsters of Folk, the group he formed with Jim James and others (Oberst describes the film as "an allegory about how the Internet is destroying humanity").In the interview, Lewis and Oberst reflect on walking from Lewis' apartment to the now-iconic mural, which had been turned into an impromptu shrine. ("It Just Is" was a response to Smith's death.) When Lewis brings up the idea of releasing the album in the future, Oberst says, "I'd be into it as long as it's some kind of edible 7" or something.We can talk to Jack [White] about making us an edible 7"." Lewis adds, "We want a Fruit Roll-Up 7" of ." In the interview, Lewis and Oberst claim that they've never made studio recordings together, but that's not exactly true: They covered the Traveling Wilburys' "Handle With Care" for Lewis' 2006 solo album , which also featured Ben Gibbard and M. Lewis and Oberst also reflect on the night they met, at a Rilo Kiley show at a vegetarian restaurant followed by a prom-themed basement party.

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