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When she's not making or watching movies, she's teaching digital filmmaking at Berkeley City College. Most recently, he and his filmmaking partner Marissa Aroy won an Emmy for producing, directing and filming ) which was featured in the Cork, Edinburgh and San Francisco Film Festivals.

"What a dynamite story," Canada's CTV political analyst Scott Reid said of Sajjan:20 years ago, we were debating whether or not people with turbans could serve in the military.Sikhism holds that, to show their devotion to God's creation, Sikh men should not cut their hair, which is wound into a turban each day.It's a look that makes them conspicuous in North America, where hundreds of Sikhs have been the victims of hate crimes, particularly when attackers confuse them with Muslims.They saw the potential to settle and work in North America, and shared their vision with other Sikhs back home in Punjab.Soon, Sikh immigrants – mostly male laborers – entered North America through West Coast ports, including San Francisco, Astoria, Seattle and Vancouver.

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